Apartment R

type – Interior design
program – Residential
location – Cluj, RO
date – 2014-2015
status – completed
role – design & project management

The apartment was intended to become a young professional’s home-office, reflecting his dynamic lifestyle and charismatic personality. One of the main challenges was integrating a range of functionality in a space-efficient way, without imposing complicated and annoying everyday activities for reconfiguration. Main features of the design include a color palette of greens, grays and white, wooden surfaces and circular shapes. At the “heart” of the home, formally invoking a fireplace, stands a treasured vintage  vinyl player, a gesture which clearly states the owner’s passion for music and vinyl records. This statement is complemented by a ceiling element as well, a composition of suspended lamps made out of vinyl records. The kitchen is based upon the same principle of revolving around a centerpiece, which in this case is a colorful vintage poster, a personal favorite of the owner. In order to create extra storage areas, some spaces were exploited vertically as well.